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How to order ..... you need to include the part number and description of the items you require, then email the details  to us at   Credit card payment is available.  Don't forget to check out the UNIVERSAL  section in this catalogue as it contains many items that could suit your car.  Our range is continually growing and this site will be upgraded on a regular basis. NOTE :- If the item you require is not listed  on this page, please contact us with your special requirements.....Click on photo to enlarge.

1929-1931 JORDON

                                                                                                 Australian dollars

DOD-015.jpg (41176 bytes) DOD-015 STROMBERG U2 -UX2 CARBURETTOR 


Aluminium $685.00 each
DOD-016.jpg (43573 bytes) DOD-016 STROMBERG U2 FLOAT CHAMBER TOP Aluminium $195.00 each
DOD-094.jpg (18574 bytes) DOD-094 STROMBERG CARBURETTOR THROAT U2 Aluminium $550.00 each
CARB-U2.jpg (152703 bytes)

CARB-UX2.jpg (152197 bytes)


 & old carbie required for parts. U2 or UX2

Assembled $2245.00 each with exchange carbie


If the item you require is not listed in our catalogue, it is possible that we can reproduce the part for you.