About us

Vintage and Classic Reproductions started in the mid-1980s and has evolved into the business you see today, proudly Australian owned and operated.  Vintage and Classic Reproductions has established itself as a market leader by providing quality reproduction parts, within Australia and worldwide.  We produce parts for 60 different makes of cars, ranging from Auburn, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Holden, Hupmobile, Oakland, Oldsmobile, Packard, Pontiac, Reo, Marmon, Studebaker and Stutz to name a few. Our expert skills allow us to reproduce items that are not made elsewhere in the world, some of these are the U2 and UX2 Stromberg Updraft Carburettors, Stewart vacuum tank tops, Hood rests, Trunk hinges and latches, hubcaps to name a few.

We also produce splined handles that suit Buick, Chrysler, Marmon, Nash, Oakland, LaSalle, Ruxton, Stutz, Willys Knight and many more.

We have our own Investment Casting Foundry that was set up in 2010 to produce all our own parts in Brisbane, Australia.  Due to the fact we make all our own moulds (dies) and produce the parts we can reproduce many new parts in smaller quantities.

Dodge Parts
Myers Early Dodge Parts, Michigan USA

Chevrolet Parts
The Filling Station, Oregon USA

Buick Parts
Bob’s Automobilia California USA (805) 4342963

*Please feel free to order through our dealers or through our website.

In Australia, we attend two swaps a year –

Toowoomba Swap is held the first weekend in February, at Toowoomba Showgrounds, Queensland.

Bendigo Swap is held in mid-November at the Bendigo Showgrounds, Victoria.

We will gladly bring items to either of these swaps if requested. We appreciate your patronage and thank you for the opportunity to assist you.